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Custom socks – everything you have to know

A few years ago, colorful, funny, and mismatched socks appeared on the market. While in the beginning, the younger generation was delighted with this trend, today, even corporate directors or CEOs have smiling cartoon characters sticking out from their shoes.

Every day in open spaces, we hear, “Wow, great socks! Where did you get them?”. So it seems that socks with an unusual print attract attention and give us a lot of joy. Given that, why not use them to promote your brand? Socks with the company’s logo can be a bull’s eye!

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to create custom socks, including:
– how are custom socks made?
– what can’t be printed on socks?
– how long does it take to process the order?
– what do we need from you to complete the order quickly?
– what is the minimum order quantity?

Let's start from the beginning - how are socks made?

Socks are made in a slightly different way than most clothing. The process is not about sewing the elements together but knitting socks with specialized knitting machines. The more complicated the project, the more modern machines have to be used. 

Patterns on socks are not printed on finished products but are created during production, together with the sock. The design is woven into the sock using appropriately colored yarn.

At BluzUp, we offer custom socks made only by EU companies. Due to that, the process is faster and the quality of the product higher.

Skarpety na zamówienie | BluzUp

What types of socks does BluzUp offer?

Custom socks have two main tasks: being comfortable and displaying the print in the best possible way. Therefore, our clients most often choose the simplest models, such as:
– classic socks
– sports socks

Classic socks, otherwise known as long socks, are the absolute staple. They are probably the first thing that comes to mind when talking about socks in general. It is the universal model that everyone has in their wardrobe. In addition, such socks will present the design really well.

On the other hand, sports socks differ from the classic ones with a warmer material (terry cloth), an elastic band on the calf, and a thicker sole. Despite the name, they are not produced only for athletes or sports clubs 😉 A special weave ensures high durability and comfort, and the elastic band prevents the socks from slipping, even during demanding cycling trips to work;)

Is every design suitable for printing socks?

If you consider purchasing custom-made socks, you probably wonder if you can perfectly reproduce your company’s logo. With today’s technology, we have many more options, but there are small limitations. We design the pattern on a mesh (bitmap), in which each pixel symbolizes one eyelet in the knitted fabric. This compares very aptly to pixels on the screen. Below you can see a bitmap design and the visualization of the finished sock with a logo.

Skarpetki na zamówienie | BluzUp

As you can see, yarns can’t be arranged in any way; they have to follow a specific pattern. When using this method to manufacture custom socks, it will be difficult to replicate:
– tiny letters
– precise details
– straight lines at a non-standard angle (e.g., 60°)

Of course, it is not impossible to make those patterns, but it will affect their legibility and aesthetics (e.g., jaggies). Therefore, if it turns out that your design contains any of the elements listed above, we will simplify it so that it is suitable for socks printing.

Another point worth mentioning is that even the latest knitting machines have limitations on the colors used – in one sock, it is a maximum of 7 colors.

If you are wondering whether it is worth investing in socks with a logo for your employees, be sure to read our article on this topic.

What do we need from you to complete the order quickly?

Most often, customers come to us with an idea of ​​what should be on the socks. We then create a visualization. To do that, we will need your company logo, preferably sent with color codes. 

In case you have your graphics ready, send us the project, together with the color codes used in it. Defined colors will help us reproduce the sock pattern much better.

Later, we will ask you to specify the order quantity and sizes. At BluzUp, you can choose two sizes: small (38-41) and large (42-45). We can also make custom socks for children. It will be a treat for your employees’ kids.

On special request, we offer personalized labels on socks. This cardboard label will allow you to place the company’s colors and logo. 

Skarpety na zamówienie BluzUp

How long does the production of socks take, and how much does it cost?

The first stage of production – visualization, will be prepared within 24 hours. Then, if you accept it, we will clarify the details with you and proceed to the production.

The waiting time for ready-made socks is 30 business days. If you need them for a special occasion, please contact us in advance. It will save you a lot of stress, and we will make sure that they will arrive on time. Bear in mind that the holiday season is the busiest for us. It is unlikely that we will be able to speed up production at that time.

We owe the quality of our socks to good quality materials and small-scale production in EU companies. Therefore, although the socks are custom-made, the price is not excessive – PLN 29 per pair, regardless of the pattern or design chosen by the customer.

Can I order one pair of socks?

Due to the high programming costs of the knitting machine, custom socks are not made in small quantities. To meet our customers’ expectations, BluzUp takes orders for socks with your print starting from 30 pairs!


After reading this article, if you think that custom socks are a great gift idea for your employees, we must agree :). 

Arrange a call with us, and let’s create an epic project together that will bring a smile to your team’s faces 🙂

And if you would like to learn how custom hoodies can be an element of a great employer branding strategy, we highly encourage you to read this article

Koszulki z logo firmy

How can your business benefit from company-branded t-shirts? 

Corporate clothes, such as custom logo t-shirts, are a universal tool supporting business development. They can work to the company’s benefit on many occasions, regardless of your industry, company size, or location.

This article will show you the most popular ways and the most common situations in which corporate apparel increases employee loyalty and supports the company’s marketing and sales.

Onboard employees

Your company is your employees. You may have the best product or service on the market, but it won’t mean anything without a dedicated team.

The first actual contact of a new employee with the company is the onboarding period. Depending on the onboarding process, they will have a better or worse opinion of the company, and thus: more or less motivation to work.

Conscious employers ensure a professional, but at the same time, friendly and soft start for each specialist.

A widespread practice of HR teams is welcome packs with gifts for the newcomers. From our clients’ experience, branded t-shirts are among the best-welcomed gifts received by new employees. Especially if they are of high quality, with a stylish and solid logo print.

Don't let the specialists go

Notably, employees’ onboarding is the first but not the only opportunity to give them a gift that can bring them closer to the company. For example, a gift for a birthday, project completion, or employment anniversary will motivate them to continue their work and strengthen the bond with your company.

Quality gifts signal to the crew that you appreciate them and their work. After all, who do we give presents to, if not to people we appreciate and care for?

That’s why it’s worth investing, for example, in company logo t-shirts and handing them to employees on various occasions. These small gestures distinguish companies that employees love from those they just work for.

Build a positive image of the company

Employer branding is what the company does to build the image of a trustworthy employer. For many industries, an increasingly frequent problem isn’t obtaining a new customer but pulling in the right employee. Therefore, employer branding has become a part of business reality for good. HR departments do everything to make their company be perceived as the best employer on the market to attract the best talents.

One of the companies’ tools to build a good reputation is corporate clothing. If you reward your employees for their excellent job, they will feel appreciated. An appreciated employee is a satisfied employee. Only such employees will be willing to share a positive opinion about the company.

T-shirts with the company’s logo will distinguish your business from the competition. So it’s worth taking care of this, especially when the employee is the company’s most valuable asset, and retaining and acquiring the best talents is the biggest business challenge.

Support sales and marketing

Corporate logo t-shirts are also an excellent business tool outside your company’s ecosystem. So let’s take a closer look at three groups that will gladly accept the t-shirt as a gift and, perhaps, will repay you in some form in the future.

The first group is your former, current, and potential clients. Your company logo t-shirts as a gift might be an excellent investment for all of them. In what situations?

You can give your potential client a t-shirt at an industry conference so that you stand out from other companies at the event. Your current customer will undoubtedly be pleased with the gift for Christmas or a birthday. You can remind your former client about your presence by sending them a branded T-shirt too.

After such a gift, when a potential, current, or former client will be deciding with whom to establish or continue cooperation, they will probably think a little warmer about your company. 🙂

The second group is the company’s guests. Suppose your company has an office which many people, not only employees, visit every day. In that case, small gifts will help you build valuable relationships.

Be it your employees’ friends, people conducting workshops and training, or a lady cleaning the office. All of them can become ambassadors of your company and better perform their duties if you host them properly.

The last group is influencers. For example, suppose you give a recognized person in the industry a short-sleeved t-shirt with your company logo. In that case, there is a chance that they will wear it for the photo or a video they will publish on social media.

Depending on the influencer’s social media reach, such a post can cost several hundred to several thousand euros. Sometimes you have to pay for it. And sometimes a goodwill gesture from the company will be enough for the only fee to be the cost of producing a t-shirt.

T-shirts aren't everything

Finally, we want to note that corporate clothing isn’t advertising clothing. Therefore, you shouldn’t treat it as a form of advertising that will bring any business outcomes with no prior or further efforts.

All of the above benefits, such as the loyalty of your employees,

the image of a friendly employer, or support for marketing and sales, are the side effects of the company’s overall efforts to build a pleasant atmosphere inside and outside the company.

If your employees don’t feel comfortable at work, then a gift in the form of a branded t-shirt won’t change anything. But if you build your enterprise on a solid foundation, say, you listen to your employees and care for developing their skills, then corporate clothes will make a significant difference and help you achieve your business goals.

Mark our words!

Dres z nadrukiem

3 reasons why custom company tracksuit can be an excellent gift for employees

Back in the 90s, putting on a tracksuit in public was something unheard of. Let’s move to modern times and see how much this trend has changed. The wealthiest people in the world are seen more often in sweatpants and sweatshirts than in suits, and the sporty style has even made its way into “high fashion.” No wonder, because who wouldn’t like to wear a comfortable tracksuit on every possible occasion? 

Okay, maybe not every occasion, but you catch our drift. Now, imagine getting a stylish tracksuit from your company instead of chocolate or a bottle of supermarket merlot. 

Holidays, closing of the year, company anniversary – these are quite obvious circumstances under which a gift from the company is definitely in a good tone. This article will tell you how you can surprise your employees in a more creative and unconventional way.

Let’s go!

1. Sports events

If your company organizes, participates, or encourages employees to participate in sporting events, the tracksuit may turn out to be a perfect gift. Various sporting competitions are very popular and attract a lot of attention in the business world. They are a hot topic for private conversations and great material for social media feeds. This is a great opportunity for unforced, organic advertising for the company.

There are countless examples of such events – from large, commercial events such as marathons or business-oriented charity competitions, through sports leagues to e-sports. On top of that, there are those non-official initiatives, such as casual pick-up games or squash after work. Regardless of their scale and format, they have a unique impact on the relationships between participants – they build team spirit, integrate, and raise morale.

Tribal clothes have always had a bonding impact on people, so the company’s tracksuits will only help to tighten employee ties. What’s more, the team in uniform colors presents itself more professionally. Imagine the look on competitors’ faces when they see your team in such a fantastic, coherent style. 

2. Casual fridays

Of course, a tracksuit is not the exclusive look of an athlete. It’s a bit like running shoes – they were created for jogging enthusiasts, but who cares at this point. They’re too comfortable not to wear them. People use them every day due to the exceptional comfort combined with a fashionable look.

Why not apply this philosophy to other parts of clothing?

Casual Fridays, much like fruity Thursdays, have appeared in many offices in the last few years. For the company, it is a subtle way of keeping up with modern times and a way to appeal to employees. Once a week, people can deviate from the normative, buttoned-up style and show off their originality.

It’s also a great way to sneak a home and family atmosphere into an office space. Such a move has a positive effect on the social and psychological aspects of the team.

Of course, some companies have no strict rules regarding formal dress. The matter becomes even simpler here. A new piece of clothing from the company can be displayed every day.

3. Home Office

The home office has become the standard. The home conditions naturally give you more freedom, especially when it comes to clothing. That is why employees focus primarily on comfort and convenience – they put on sweatpants and their favorite sweatshirt.

So why shouldn’t it be a custom-made company logo set?

Such a gift can be a lovely and caring gesture towards employees who may feel distant from the company’s life while working remotely for months. 

At the same time, it may be an opportunity for additional, organic marketing. For example, people often happily show what their remote work looks like on social media. The company’s tracksuit will only encourage them to share a new photo in their new, fresh look.

You’d think it’s just a tracksuit, but it’s a gift that keeps on giving

Versatility is perhaps the most crucial feature of a tracksuit and the most important reason why it’s such a popular look. Some wear them at home, others put them on for informal meetings with friends, and after that, pack them in a sports backpack and go to training.

Regardless of their purpose, they can be utilized by anyone, which is why they are the perfect corporate gift that will stay with employees for years. It is a great alternative to the typical “chocolate plus wine” set. Decorated with an individual print, such as an office nickname or a position, will make employees wear it with shameless pride!

What’s important, we offer a lot of options for customizing clothes, so the final project can be very original and match the company’s visual identity. And it’s simple!

Jak poprawnie wybrać rozmiar

How to pick hoodie size and how to use the size chart

Have you ever ordered jeans online that turned out to be too small or too big? This is because manufacturers sew their clothes for different target groups. By using size charts, you can avoid ordering the wrong size. This article will show you how to do it correctly when placing an order at BluzUp.

I know what size I am, so why do I need to use a table?

As mentioned above, size L for one manufacturer may be equivalent to M or even S for another. Therefore, always analyze the size chart provided on the store’s website before placing an order.

On such charts, you can find examples of body measurements assigned to a given size. All you need to do is measure yourself and compare it to the table. 

At BluzUp, we’ve improved this process by listing the measurements of the finished garments, not the body. We give you the exact length of the hoodie and its sleeves, so you can easily choose the best size for your preferences and body structure.

How to find the size chart?

You can find the BluzUp size chart here.

Have a look at the example of a size chart for a hoodie:

How to take measurements?

Prepare a tape measure, and if you don’t have one, use:

– string, which you then compare with the ruler

– a ruler phone app

Then, pick your favorite hoodie and compare its measurements with the values ​​in the table. For example, to measure the chest, lay the hoodie flat with the sleeves open. Then put the tape measure between the two armpits where the seams connect (as shown in the picture above) and read the measurement. Don’t turn the sweatshirt over, and don’t double the value.

Measurements may differ slightly from those listed in the table. If that’s the case, choose the size closest to your results. 

On the other hand, if the result is exactly between two sizes, e.g., the length of the hoodie is 71 cm (M – 70 cm, L – 72 cm), then choose according to your liking. If you prefer more fitted clothes – smaller size, if looser – bigger size.

To pick the perfect size of your T-shirt, pants, etc. follow the same instructions. Look at the pictures under the size charts and take measurements accordingly.

What if I want to order an oversized product?

At BluzUp, we have an oversized hoodie available; choose this model if you want a very loose cut.

Bluza oversize BluzUp

However, if you would like to achieve a similar effect in other models, e.g., a crop-top, order the item two sizes bigger.

Check out this article If you wonder which type of sweatshirt you should choose for your project.


Always make sure you check the size chart before ordering any clothes online. This will allow you to see precisely which size would fit you best, no matter what brand it is.

Manufacturers use different tables. Some of them will list body measurements, and others ready clothes measurements. To avoid confusion, remember to read the description of the size chart before measuring. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. We’re always happy to help 🙂 

bluzy firmowe - prezent dla pracownika

Why are custom sweatshirts such an excellent gift for employees?

Please raise your hand, those who received a gift from their company that they forgot a few days later. And now, those who have never received anything from their employers.

Even though it pains us immensely, we know that many of you have had your hands up at least once. Unfortunately, good gifts from the company are hard to come by, but as a BluzUp team, we are working hard to change this trend. If it were up to us, everyone would get a warm, comfortable sweatshirt with company embroidery for Christmas, and maybe even with their name! And we have plenty of evidence that this is a gift that the staff really love.

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about how corporate clothing supports business in terms of HR, but also in sales, marketing, and even customer service. Today we will focus on what corporate sweatshirts give employees and why they are such an appreciated gift.

Convenience is the key

The sweatshirt is one of the most essential and versatile pieces of clothing. Regardless of the season, it has many uses. It is often the first thing we think about when we get out of bed during chilly autumn and winter days. And in summer, it is an essential outfit for evening walks and barbecues. Its role has grown even more in recent years when the home office has become a new standard. Without having to adhere to the office dress code, the sweatshirt is most often the go-to “work” outfit for us, as it guarantees complete comfort.

I proudly represent my team!

A certain tribal element in our highly civilized brains still encourages us to wear our favorite team merch, rock group t-shirts, or gadgets with car logos that… we would like to own. Or perhaps we just feel comfortable representing and identifying with the teams or organizations that matter to us, especially if we share their values ​​and feel connected to them.

That’s why a custom hoodie is a gift that works both ways. The company shows gratitude to the employee, and the employee returns the gesture by proudly going out into the city wearing company colors. Importantly, the ordered sweatshirts can be tailored to individual preferences in great detail.

First, we are talking about a wide range of colors to choose from and the customization of details such as strings, inside of the hood, or sleeves. As a result, the final project can be very distinct and perfectly suited to the company’s visual identity.

Secondly, each sweatshirt can have a different embroidery, e.g., with the employee’s name or nickname, which gives each one a unique character. And finally, the very concept of a sweatshirt is vast because we offer kangaroo sweatshirts, zipped and unfastened, as well as versions with or without a hood. You can read more about the types of sweatshirts here.

Going shopping is the last thing I ever want to do

I can’t think of many activities that are as polarizing as shopping. Some people love it; others would prefer to subject themselves to the Chinese water torture than be forced to walk around a shopping mall. Whether it is the decision making, the tiring atmosphere of overly lighten stores, or just the fact that we’re spending money, there are many reasons why people hate shopping. What’s more, in the case of good quality clothing you have to take into account a considerable expense.

Meanwhile, one December morning, it turns out that in the Christmas package from work, we find a high-quality hoodie made of durable and soft cotton! Even frequently used, a material like that will last for at least several years. As a result, we avoid going to the store, and a few banknotes stay in the wallet. How perfect is that?!

Now, let’s wait for the following holidays. Maybe we’ll get a cool hat, socks, or a T-shirt?

If I got a nice hoodie, maybe I would stay in the company...

The above headline is obviously a gross exaggeration. Giving an employee a sweatshirt will not stop anyone from changing jobs. However, those kinds of gestures are crucial if they are part of a broader corporate philosophy. In competitive industries, such as IT, keeping the best specialists on board is a huge challenge for employers.

Decent salary and financial bonuses are, of course, the basis, but what counts more and more is the right atmosphere in the company, a well-coordinated team, healthy relationships, and exciting projects. 

Gifts for employees can also be a vital element of this puzzle. They help build a bond and show the company’s appreciation for their team’s work. On special occasions, such as holidays, a gift such as a sweatshirt is a selfless gesture for employees, while the gift itself is practical and useful in everyday life.

However, this is not the only good opportunity to use custom corporate clothing. More and more often, T-shirts, sweatshirts, or even socks with the company’s logo are given to new employees in the so-called welcome packs. You can read more about the topic in the article “Welcome pack – what should be included in an ideal welcome pack for an employee.”

Gifting as a service BluzUp

Give employees a gift that will stay with them for years

In the last nine years, we have delivered over 150 thousand sweatshirts and other clothes for companies from many industries, from construction to IT. And for us, the satisfied employees are the best evidence of how valuable those gifts are.

So if you are looking for an unconventional way to give back to your team, contact us, and in 24 hours, we will prepare an offer for you with a sweatshirt design and a quote 🙂

Unique hoodies for employees and influencers | BluzUp

Using branded hoodies to boost marketing and HR |

Since the beginning of BluzUp, we have created hundreds of projects for companies, schools, universities, and organizations. Each project was unique in its own way, but some were particularly memorable. It’s usually those that are the most demanding in terms of details, colors, or other specific requirements. But that’s who we are. The more complicated the project, the greater the satisfaction is when we deliver!

A perfect example of such a project was unique hoodies for the online store. See how the story went.

We need a one-of-a-kind hoodie!

Originality was the critical requirement for the team. They required something truly distinct that you cannot simply get in every shopping mall. They were supposed to be used as gifts for employees but also for influencers, hoping that they would wear them on their social media channels. So we had to prepare something much more extravagant, reflecting the company’s visual identity in an interesting and coherent way.

Our designer needs no more encouragement. On the contrary, she treats such projects as a challenge. So we started with getting to know the brandbook and talking to the client about all the specific requirements.

A project so out of the box that it’s barely possible?

Our plans to create a unique hoodie included ideas that were very far from the standard. One of them was, for example, putting the North logo on hoodie strings.

So before we could propose the design to the client, we had to consult with the sewing company to determine whether our vision was technically feasible. Once we’ve confirmed the details regarding the material and technology, we were ready to present the project to the client and provide a quote.

We must admit that thanks to the cooperation with great Polish sewing partners, we feel that nothing is impossible.

How different was the hoodie?

After a few days, we prepared a set of proposals, and the team made their final decision. The final effect looks like this:

Case study north pl bluzy reklamowe

The elements that made this project unique were:

  1. Hoodie string with a knitted company logo.

  2. Logo on the back of the hood.

  3. Custom color composition, which, apart from the main color of the sweatshirt, consisted of the logo on the hood, the inside fabric of the hood, strings, and graphics on the front.

    Due to the project’s uniqueness, the delivery of such an order often exceeds the standard of 30 business days. In this case, however, we were able to deliver the sweatshirts within the set deadline.

All-around support for business

When the sweatshirts came into our hands, we instantly knew they were one of the most exciting and successful projects. Of course, it’s not us who needs to be satisfied 😉

This is how the project was summed up by the CEO of, Paweł Łastkowski:

“First of all, congratulations on an excellent product. Everyone that got the hoodie appreciates its quality. We used the sweatshirts on several levels: i.e., for employees, for business partners, and in cooperation with influencers. The latter brought us a lot of unexpected benefits because even after the end of paid cooperation, they appeared in sweatshirts on their channels, which translated into more traffic on our social networks."

Below you can see selected social media posts with hoodie owners:

We would like to thank Paweł for his kind words, and we are glad that the sweatshirts were helpful in so many ways. We also believe that corporate clothing can drive business on many levels, from customer service and sales to HR and marketing. And of course, we invite you to cooperate again. Maybe socks this time? 😉

If you feel that stylish company hoodies will also help your business, let us know, and we will quickly prepare a project and an estimation.

Gifting as a service | BluzUp

What is gifting as a service, and how does it support marketing and HR departments?

If we had a list of the most cumbersome duties that usually fall on HR and marketing departments, ordering, (and therefore also packing and sending) gifts for employees or influencers would be in the top 3. But there’s hope to change it for good. Gifting as a Service completely takes it off the hands of these teams. Using this solution, companies can outsource the entire production, packaging, and gift delivery process.

The Gifting as a Service (GaaS) model is becoming an increasingly important element of corporate strategies for employee retention, business relations, or brand promotion. What is it actually about?

On a mission to save HR, marketing, and even B2B sales teams

The past decade has been revolutionary in terms of human relations. Thanks to the increasing automation of processes such as onboarding, salaries, or even recruitment, HR departments can focus more on the most human aspects of the organization. Increasing competition between employers also played an important role.

Due to these changes, taking care of a good atmosphere and team spirit has become one of the most critical tasks of HR teams. Gifts for the team or the so-called welcome packs for new employees are now a standard, but also a big problem due to the time that must be spent on the entire process of ordering and delivering them.

5 sposobów, w jakie ubrania firmowe wspierają biznes

The situation is similar in the case of the sales and marketing departments. Gifts are a great way to maintain good relationships with customers or influencers, but finding time to carry out such a project is a considerable challenge. Every team that has tried to figure out, design, order, pack, and send gifts to 50+ people knows this 😉

How does Gifting as a Service work?

The purpose of the service is to remove all burdensome and time-consuming gift-related responsibilities from the company’s internal teams. What exactly do these responsibilities and costs include?

So what’s left there to do on your side as a company that wants to send gifts?

Not much :). The most important thing is to decide what products to choose precisely and how to brand them. However, we also help in the design process, even with specific requirements, as in the case of sweatshirts for You can read a story about the project here.

This is the step-by-step process:

  1. You decide on the selected products and packaging, and we create free visualizations for them.
  2. You set the size of the order and the configuration in the case of packages with more than one product.
  3. Manufacturing stage.
  4. You receive an order form and a sheet with the inventory.
  5. You order and deliver company merch whenever you want!

5 advantages of the Gifting as a Service by BluzUp

1. We take care of the shipping

After we manufacture and complete gift packages for you, we can send them directly to employees and customers.

2. BluzUp warehouse means savings and availability of products on the spot

All products you order in the Gifting as a Service model are stored in our warehouse. Using a simple form, you can have them shipped to the address provided, and we will deliver the package within two business days.

3. Possibility to collect orders

Collecting people’s sizes for ordering clothes is all the more difficult, the bigger the team is. From 100 people up, the real torment begins 😉 We can take care of the process, get orders from your team, and handle the shipping.

4. Remote shipping department

If your plan for a welcome pack or a gift for customers includes multiple products, our shipping department will take care of the completion and packaging of your packages from start to finish.

5. Create a gift calendar

With us, you can create a gift schedule for the whole year. After we have it established, you can rest easy while we take care of the smooth conduct of each subsequent delivery.

What products do we offer in the Gifting as a Service model?

The most frequently chosen products by our customers are sweatshirts, T-shirts, socks, but also scarves and hats in the season. All clothes are made by Polish sewing companies.

In addition to clothes, we also offer other products. Importantly, each item, including packaging and tags, can be fully branded with the colors and logo of your company. You can read more about the process of creating clothes with your logo here.

If your company sends gift packages to employees or customers, we are happy to save you a large part of the costs and hassle associated with it. And if you are just thinking about it, with us, you will quickly and painlessly introduce gifts to your business. Write or call us 🙂

Bluzy z nadrukiem

Complete guide to all the different types of our custom sweatshirts and hoodies

In previous articles, we’ve explained the process of making our sweatshirts, describing the stages of their production and their exceptional quality.

As you can see, there’s no need to worry about the quality of our apparel. What you should really think about is what model exactly will be ideal for you. Our sweatshirts are available in many styles, and all of them can be additionally modified. From the most common hoodies to more extravagant oversizes or crop-tops. In short, there’s a lot to choose from.

We want to make this decision a bit easier for you, which is why we’ve created a guide to our custom hoodie and sweatshirt types that you can find in our store.

Certainly, everyone will find something for themselves!

Which sweatshirt do you choose?

Classic Hoodie

This is our definite bestseller. When we think of a typical hoodie, we usually think about this model with a pocket in the lower front section, known as a kangaroo pocket or muff pocket. The reference to the Australian mammal is quite obvious here. It is a model rooted in the contemporary culture so deep that it fits almost everyone. Perfect for jeans, evening outings with friends, as well as in combo with sweatpants during sports training.

Kangurka z nadrukiem | BluzUp

Classic Crewneck

A flagship and an immortal classic among sweatshirts. A minimalist version, without a pocket, hood, zippers, or strings. Although it may be associated with youth fashion, it’s become a universal choice no matter the wearer’s age. In addition, by choosing more subdued colors, such as black or navy blue, we will give the sweatshirt a more elegant character.

Bluzy reklamowe z logo

Zip-up Hoodie

Simply put, a hoodie with a zipper. Very casual, suitable for summer evenings and winter afternoons. They were designed to be worn in the open air with the option to display your favorite t-shirt. Original embroidery or logo will give it a unique look.

College jacket

Although the name suggests a jacket, this model certainly should be considered a type of sweatshirt. Without a hood and with buttons instead of a zipper, it can easily be part of an everyday wardrobe. It is stylish and comfortable and has a unique college and sports look. It is available in four color variants: burgundy, black, navy blue, and bottle-green.

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Oversize hoodie

Oversize is a real giant among sweatshirts. It’s intentionally enlarged, so it should hang loosely on its owner, providing much-needed comfort. It is synonymous with streetwear, and both guys and gals use it with equal enthusiasm.

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Croptop hoodie

It stands out among other styles of sweatshirts with its extravagant, girly style. A characteristic short cut reveals the belly, so it’s an excellent choice for warmer days. The unusual look has been found very useful in many creative, uncommon stylings by women all around the world.

Many styles, one quality

Regardless of the chosen model, there are multiple ways to customize your sweatshirts. For example, you can select computer embroidery, serigraphy, or DTG printing.

All hoodies and sweatshirts are Oeko-Tex certified, which confirms the use of the highest quality materials. It is granted only to products with no harmful substances in them.

The composition of our products is a proven and durable blend of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, and the grammage is 280g / m2. At the same time, we offer a wide range of colors and many options to customize.

Not a sweatshirt, technically

The close relatives of sweatshirts that we have on our offer are longsleeve sweatshirts, polo sweatshirts, knitted sweaters, and vests. Although they don’t exactly belong to the sweatshirt category, we wear them under similar circumstances – when the t-shirt, for whatever reason, is insufficient. So we felt that they deserved their own paragraph in our guide.

The first two models are long-sleeved equivalents of a t-shirt and a regular polo. This slight modification makes the jerseys suitable for more formal occasions but still remains a comfortable option.

A sweater or a vest is an excellent alternative to a suit or shirt because it fits perfectly into an elegant style. They’re even more versatile than regular sweatshirts or hoodies. For example, you can wear a sweater for most of your business meetings and, moments later, comfortably go to lunch in the same outfit.

There are no wrong choices in terms of sweatshirts

The hoodie is an incredibly practical piece of clothing, as evidenced by its global fame. It comes in so many varieties that it will suit the tastes of even the pickiest consumers. That is why it is so well suited as a gift for any occasion. You can read more about how to use branded hoodies in your company here.

And if you’re ready to order, simply contact us!

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Design your own custom hoodie in 5 quick steps

Custom sweatshirts for employees are a great gift. They’re universal, practical, and stylish. And although creating custom apparel for the entire company may seem like a time-consuming task, we make it super straightforward for our clients. We know that the slogan “time is money” matters greatly to companies, so you can design a sweatshirt or a hoodie with us in a few simple steps – we take care of the rest!

STEP 1 - Design

The primary issue with which we start all projects is the hoodie’s design. In order to simplify this part as well, we have a swift process.

The first option is the standard layout, i.e., a large logo on the back and a small one on the chest. It is the cheapest and most frequently chosen version among our clients.

For those who want something out-of-the-box, we offer complete creative freedom, both in the case of the graphics themselves and their location. We are open to any ideas, and our graphic designers will help to realize them and advise you in order to get the best end result.

STEP 2 - Details

During the consultation stage, in addition to the project, we also set the details of the implementation, such as:

Color – Our standard palette includes 13 colors, as shown in the infographic below. For an additional fee, we can offer access to a custom palette that consists of 54 colors. We know that details play a huge role in some projects, so we can send color samples for a more detailed inspection.

Type of sweatshirt – a classic hoodie or a college jacket? Or maybe oversize for men or a fashionable crop-top for women? We have several versions in which we can make your sweatshirt to match the final product to your preference better.

Printing – here, you can decide between classic screen printing or slightly more expensive embroidery. In both cases, we guarantee high durability and quality, so the choice is rather a matter of taste.

Extra personalization – as part of stylistic maneuvers, we can additionally modify several things, such as the color of the inside of the hood, sleeves, strings, and even the zipper. In addition, we can add a print on the strings or logos on the label – a useful option for agencies or sponsors. Incorporating the person’s nickname or a position in the company on the sweatshirt is also not a problem.

Remember that any non-standard changes and improvements may slightly extend the total time and cost of your project.

STEP 3 - Initial estimation and visualization

After you choose the sweatshirt model, the type of printing, and quantities, we’ll prepare an estimate for you in 24 h.

At the same time, we will present you a virtual sweatshirt model. We often hit the jackpot the first time, but we are always ready for possible corrections and further modifications.

It should be emphasized here that our visualizations are entirely free, even in several color versions or in various logo placements.

STEP 4 - Order

After you confirm the sweatshirt design, estimation, we can start working on your order.

For total happiness, we only need the sizes of the future owners of the sweatshirts.

We know from experience that collecting a complete size list from all employees can be very time-consuming. That’s why it is worth thinking about it well in advance. Especially in large companies, where obtaining this data in one day is almost a miracle, or during holidays, when many people are out of the office.

We will help you deal with this task and send you ready-made forms for completing the order. This solution is especially effective if the sweatshirts are not unexpected gifts – each employee selects their size individually.

STEP 5 - Realization

The standard waiting time for the order is 30 business days from the moment of signing the offer (not from the moment of accepting the graphic design!). Of course, there is a possibility of accelerated implementation, but it depends on several factors, so we always discuss it individually.

At BluzUp, we pay attention to details, so we will pack ready-made sweatshirts according to your requirements. We are also very flexible in terms of deliveries. We ship to the company address – in a collective package or individually – to the private addresses of employees.

STEP 6 - Celebration

At this stage, your team enjoys a creative and pragmatic gift. This is a perfect example of how to combine business with pleasure – employees receive a top-quality hoodie that will be useful for autumn evenings, and your company gains additional advertising and increased morale among staff. It’s so simple!

But, you don’t need to take our word for it – check the case study from our recent project.

Upominki dla pracowników

Why is it worth investing in gifts for employees?

In times of remote work, open markets, and constantly growing competition, a good employee on board is worth its weight in gold. Recruiting and maintaining specialists in the team has become one of the companies’ biggest and most significant challenges.

HR departments use many different tools to undertake this task, and employee gifts are one.

Why have they become so important, and how do they help companies grow?

Increase your teams' morale

You surely understand that to motivate your employees you need to reward them for their excellent work. Of course, raises and bonuses are the most popular ways to do so, but they are also the most anticipated and often considered a standard.

Employees with more experience know and can do more, so they deserve a better salary. As simple as that.

However, suppose you want to motivate your team a little more. In that case, you should consider a less obvious and more sophisticated approach, and company gifts are a great example. Why?

An out-of-the-box gift is a gesture of goodwill by the employer. If you appreciate an employee in a way that defies standard procedures, there is a good chance they will feel special—appreciated and noticed.

Original gifts increase the team’s morale and encourage further work and commitment.

Corporate gifts and souvenirs complement the standard forms of salary. They show employees that the management considers them something more than just contractors performing a specific activity they’re supposed to perform.

Important note: there is a simple rule in building team morale with gifts: “what you put in is what you get out.” When buying gifts, make sure that they are functional and high-quality. In terms of building motivation, cheap gadgets might be counterproductive.

Check what at BluzUp we understand by “a quality gift.”

Build relationships with the company and between employees

As in the case of motivating employees, money isn’t the only factor that keeps precious people in place. Specialists, managers, and directors who can easily choose between offers from different companies, often expect something more than a fair salary. In many cases, that “something” is the atmosphere at work—a sense of belonging to a group.

Especially in the era of remote work, when co-workers see each other less often, rarely, or not at all.

For this reason, gifts on the company’s anniversary, Christmas gifts, or gifts on a wedding are excellent tools for building a team atmosphere, thus increasing employee loyalty.

Gifts for employees can also become a topic of conversation that binds the team together and builds ties with the company.

A real-life example: one of our clients ordered hoodies and t-shirts with the company’s logo. The employees spontaneously posted joint photos in corporate clothing on social media and marked the company profile on these photos.

The community warmly received these posts; they received many likes and kind comments, including those directed at the employer.

Can you imagine a social media interaction of this kind that happened because of a pay rise? 🙂

Important: corporate gifts will never replace everyday, organic work related to building an atmosphere of teamwork. However, they can be a cherry on top of your regular team-building efforts.

Make your employees the company's ambassadors

Because it’s difficult to find a good employee today, companies look for them in various ways. An excellent method of acquiring talent is encouraging employees to search for potential co-workers among their friends.

As an employer, you can invite your employees to do so by giving them bonus salaries for a successful hire through their recommendation. However, this might as well happen spontaneously, especially if someone likes their job and the management. Such employees will be happy to tell their friends about open positions without extra encouragement.

We like to call them the brand’s ambassadors.

Need an example? Say, on a Friday night, one of your employees wonders which hoodie to wear. So he picks the corporate one he got for Christmas or a birthday, with a small logo on the chest or the back. Then he gets questions about the company and can proudly describe it as an employee-friendly place.

Going out in company clothes won’t be a problem for an employee who identifies with the company. Additionally, them in a corporate hoodie will be an excellent advertisement for the brand, helping to draw the attention of people who are looking for a new job.


Read more about the role of corporate gifts in employer branding strategy.

Save time and money spent on HR activities

At the beginning of the article, we wrote about the importance of keeping your subordinates in the company. So let’s look at it from another perspective: losing a valuable employee is a double cost to the enterprise.

First, you need to spend time and money finding a new person. Second, the company is letting go of business opportunities that could have happened involving someone who has left.

And with each departure, you risk a chain reaction of another person leaving.

That’s why you want to give your employees reasons to stay with the company as long as possible. When employees consider whether it’s worth switching to your competition, they will undoubtedly consider various factors, not only the salary.

For example, if he got appreciated for his work with a gift or not. What did the Christmas packages contain, and what did the wedding gift have? How does he even recall the small grants he got from his company for his birthday or another occasion?

These details may seem unimportant day to day but are crucial when making important decisions.