How to choose promotional sweatshirts for company staff?

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Workwear, or corporate clothing, is a good idea for marketing and employee engagement. Good quality clothing is practical and builds a positive image of the company in the eyes of customers and staff. But just how to choose the right clothes?

What you will learn:

  1. Are sweatshirts for company staff a good investment?
  2. What to consider when choosing a sweatshirt?
  3. What else you should think about?
  4. 5 steps to choosing the perfect sweatshirt

How to choose promotional sweatshirts with a company logo for staff?

Promotional clothing has multiple functions in a company. It is a part of a marketing strategy and creates a positive image of the company, but also helps employees in their daily work. This is why it is worth choosing corporate clothing that your staff will actually use and not toss into a corner.

What to consider when choosing sweatshirts for staff?

When choosing good quality promotional sweatshirts for staff, it is worth considering:

Model and cut of the corporate sweatshirt

Sweatshirts should be comfortable and practical. Hoodies with one pocket in the middle, i.e. the front, are the best choice. The outfit works well both in the office and outdoors.

Clothing is said to be more or less “breathable”. In practice, this defines the wearing comfort. Cotton sweatshirts are pleasant to the touch, and their smell is completely different than those made of plastic. When choosing a promotional sweatshirt for office work, it is worth investing in clothes that contain as little polyester as possible.

For field workers, on the other hand, it is better to invest in fleece and protective clothing with a higher polyester content. It ensures higher resistance to high temperatures during frequent washing.

Corporate clothing is supposed to do its job, namely, to promote the company. It is therefore worth remembering to ensure that the logo on the clothing is durable and non-washable. It’s best to choose branded clothing with computer embroidery or permanent screen printing.

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What corporate clothing to choose?

When choosing promotional clothes, it is also worth checking whether:

  1. They enable freedom of movement
  2. They protect the head and neck against cold (e.g. do they have a hood)
  3. They are warm
  4. They match the corporate dress code, for example, elegant “college-style” sweatshirts
  5. They are durable and easy to clean

5 steps to choosing the perfect sweatshirt with print – for every employee

When choosing corporate sweatshirts with a logo, it is good to know what they will be used for. For example, whether they will be worn outdoors, in a warehouse or in an office.

This way, you can adjust them to your individual requirements. It is worth taking into account the following:

  1. Fabric – the best choice are sweatshirts with as much cotton content as possible, but with the addition of polyester. This makes them warm and pleasant to the touch, as well as durable and resistant to high temperatures.
  2. Colour – matching the company colours, but elegant and not too flashy.
  3. Size/Universal cuts – to best fit the staff.
  4. Functionality – hood, pockets, the right cut and thickness of the fabric.
  5. Visual identity – clearly visible and permanent company logo.

Find out how to order corporate sweatshirts in a few simple steps.


Corporate clothing is a good solution for the staff and the whole company. After all, it has a number of crucial functions which can translate to higher productivity and a professional company image. Check the offer for businesses.

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