What is gifting as a service, and how does it support marketing and HR departments?

Gifting as a service | BluzUp
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If we had a list of the most cumbersome duties that usually fall on HR and marketing departments, ordering, (and therefore also packing and sending) gifts for employees or influencers would be in the top 3. But there’s hope to change it for good. Gifting as a Service completely takes it off the hands of these teams. Using this solution, companies can outsource the entire production, packaging, and gift delivery process.

The Gifting as a Service (GaaS) model is becoming an increasingly important element of corporate strategies for employee retention, business relations, or brand promotion. What is it actually about?

On a mission to save HR, marketing, and even B2B sales teams

The past decade has been revolutionary in terms of human relations. Thanks to the increasing automation of processes such as onboarding, salaries, or even recruitment, HR departments can focus more on the most human aspects of the organization. Increasing competition between employers also played an important role.

Due to these changes, taking care of a good atmosphere and team spirit has become one of the most critical tasks of HR teams. Gifts for the team or the so-called welcome packs for new employees are now a standard, but also a big problem due to the time that must be spent on the entire process of ordering and delivering them.

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The situation is similar in the case of the sales and marketing departments. Gifts are a great way to maintain good relationships with customers or influencers, but finding time to carry out such a project is a considerable challenge. Every team that has tried to figure out, design, order, pack, and send gifts to 50+ people knows this 😉

How does Gifting as a Service work?

The purpose of the service is to remove all burdensome and time-consuming gift-related responsibilities from the company’s internal teams. What exactly do these responsibilities and costs include?

So what’s left there to do on your side as a company that wants to send gifts?

Not much :). The most important thing is to decide what products to choose precisely and how to brand them. However, we also help in the design process, even with specific requirements, as in the case of sweatshirts for North.pl. You can read a story about the project here.

This is the step-by-step process:

  1. You decide on the selected products and packaging, and we create free visualizations for them.
  2. You set the size of the order and the configuration in the case of packages with more than one product.
  3. Manufacturing stage.
  4. You receive an order form and a sheet with the inventory.
  5. You order and deliver company merch whenever you want!

5 advantages of the Gifting as a Service by BluzUp

1. We take care of the shipping

After we manufacture and complete gift packages for you, we can send them directly to employees and customers.

2. BluzUp warehouse means savings and availability of products on the spot

All products you order in the Gifting as a Service model are stored in our warehouse. Using a simple form, you can have them shipped to the address provided, and we will deliver the package within two business days.

3. Possibility to collect orders

Collecting people’s sizes for ordering clothes is all the more difficult, the bigger the team is. From 100 people up, the real torment begins 😉 We can take care of the process, get orders from your team, and handle the shipping.

4. Remote shipping department

If your plan for a welcome pack or a gift for customers includes multiple products, our shipping department will take care of the completion and packaging of your packages from start to finish.

5. Create a gift calendar

With us, you can create a gift schedule for the whole year. After we have it established, you can rest easy while we take care of the smooth conduct of each subsequent delivery.

What products do we offer in the Gifting as a Service model?

The most frequently chosen products by our customers are sweatshirts, T-shirts, socks, but also scarves and hats in the season. All clothes are made by Polish sewing companies.

In addition to clothes, we also offer other products. Importantly, each item, including packaging and tags, can be fully branded with the colors and logo of your company. You can read more about the process of creating clothes with your logo here.

If your company sends gift packages to employees or customers, we are happy to save you a large part of the costs and hassle associated with it. And if you are just thinking about it, with us, you will quickly and painlessly introduce gifts to your business. Write or call us 🙂