Why are custom sweatshirts such an excellent gift for employees?

bluzy firmowe - prezent dla pracownika

Please raise your hand, those who received a gift from their company that they forgot a few days later. And now, those who have never received anything from their employers.

Even though it pains us immensely, we know that many of you have had your hands up at least once. Unfortunately, good gifts from the company are hard to come by, but as a BluzUp team, we are working hard to change this trend. If it were up to us, everyone would get a warm, comfortable sweatshirt with company embroidery for Christmas, and maybe even with their name! And we have plenty of evidence that this is a gift that the staff really love.

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about how corporate clothing supports business in terms of HR, but also in sales, marketing, and even customer service. Today we will focus on what corporate sweatshirts give employees and why they are such an appreciated gift.

Convenience is the key

The sweatshirt is one of the most essential and versatile pieces of clothing. Regardless of the season, it has many uses. It is often the first thing we think about when we get out of bed during chilly autumn and winter days. And in summer, it is an essential outfit for evening walks and barbecues. Its role has grown even more in recent years when the home office has become a new standard. Without having to adhere to the office dress code, the sweatshirt is most often the go-to “work” outfit for us, as it guarantees complete comfort.

I proudly represent my team!

A certain tribal element in our highly civilized brains still encourages us to wear our favorite team merch, rock group t-shirts, or gadgets with car logos that… we would like to own. Or perhaps we just feel comfortable representing and identifying with the teams or organizations that matter to us, especially if we share their values ​​and feel connected to them.

That’s why a custom hoodie is a gift that works both ways. The company shows gratitude to the employee, and the employee returns the gesture by proudly going out into the city wearing company colors. Importantly, the ordered sweatshirts can be tailored to individual preferences in great detail.

First, we are talking about a wide range of colors to choose from and the customization of details such as strings, inside of the hood, or sleeves. As a result, the final project can be very distinct and perfectly suited to the company’s visual identity.

Secondly, each sweatshirt can have a different embroidery, e.g., with the employee’s name or nickname, which gives each one a unique character. And finally, the very concept of a sweatshirt is vast because we offer kangaroo sweatshirts, zipped and unfastened, as well as versions with or without a hood. You can read more about the types of sweatshirts here.

Going shopping is the last thing I ever want to do

I can’t think of many activities that are as polarizing as shopping. Some people love it; others would prefer to subject themselves to the Chinese water torture than be forced to walk around a shopping mall. Whether it is the decision making, the tiring atmosphere of overly lighten stores, or just the fact that we’re spending money, there are many reasons why people hate shopping. What’s more, in the case of good quality clothing you have to take into account a considerable expense.

Meanwhile, one December morning, it turns out that in the Christmas package from work, we find a high-quality hoodie made of durable and soft cotton! Even frequently used, a material like that will last for at least several years. As a result, we avoid going to the store, and a few banknotes stay in the wallet. How perfect is that?!

Now, let’s wait for the following holidays. Maybe we’ll get a cool hat, socks, or a T-shirt?

If I got a nice hoodie, maybe I would stay in the company...

The above headline is obviously a gross exaggeration. Giving an employee a sweatshirt will not stop anyone from changing jobs. However, those kinds of gestures are crucial if they are part of a broader corporate philosophy. In competitive industries, such as IT, keeping the best specialists on board is a huge challenge for employers.

Decent salary and financial bonuses are, of course, the basis, but what counts more and more is the right atmosphere in the company, a well-coordinated team, healthy relationships, and exciting projects. 

Gifts for employees can also be a vital element of this puzzle. They help build a bond and show the company’s appreciation for their team’s work. On special occasions, such as holidays, a gift such as a sweatshirt is a selfless gesture for employees, while the gift itself is practical and useful in everyday life.

However, this is not the only good opportunity to use custom corporate clothing. More and more often, T-shirts, sweatshirts, or even socks with the company’s logo are given to new employees in the so-called welcome packs. You can read more about the topic in the article “Welcome pack – what should be included in an ideal welcome pack for an employee.”

Gifting as a service BluzUp

Give employees a gift that will stay with them for years

In the last nine years, we have delivered over 150 thousand sweatshirts and other clothes for companies from many industries, from construction to IT. And for us, the satisfied employees are the best evidence of how valuable those gifts are.

So if you are looking for an unconventional way to give back to your team, contact us, and in 24 hours, we will prepare an offer for you with a sweatshirt design and a quote 🙂