3 reasons why custom company tracksuit can be an excellent gift for employees

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Back in the 90s, putting on a tracksuit in public was something unheard of. Let’s move to modern times and see how much this trend has changed. The wealthiest people in the world are seen more often in sweatpants and sweatshirts than in suits, and the sporty style has even made its way into “high fashion.” No wonder, because who wouldn’t like to wear a comfortable tracksuit on every possible occasion? 

Okay, maybe not every occasion, but you catch our drift. Now, imagine getting a stylish tracksuit from your company instead of chocolate or a bottle of supermarket merlot. 

Holidays, closing of the year, company anniversary – these are quite obvious circumstances under which a gift from the company is definitely in a good tone. This article will tell you how you can surprise your employees in a more creative and unconventional way.

Let’s go!

1. Sports events

If your company organizes, participates, or encourages employees to participate in sporting events, the tracksuit may turn out to be a perfect gift. Various sporting competitions are very popular and attract a lot of attention in the business world. They are a hot topic for private conversations and great material for social media feeds. This is a great opportunity for unforced, organic advertising for the company.

There are countless examples of such events – from large, commercial events such as marathons or business-oriented charity competitions, through sports leagues to e-sports. On top of that, there are those non-official initiatives, such as casual pick-up games or squash after work. Regardless of their scale and format, they have a unique impact on the relationships between participants – they build team spirit, integrate, and raise morale.

Tribal clothes have always had a bonding impact on people, so the company’s tracksuits will only help to tighten employee ties. What’s more, the team in uniform colors presents itself more professionally. Imagine the look on competitors’ faces when they see your team in such a fantastic, coherent style. 

2. Casual fridays

Of course, a tracksuit is not the exclusive look of an athlete. It’s a bit like running shoes – they were created for jogging enthusiasts, but who cares at this point. They’re too comfortable not to wear them. People use them every day due to the exceptional comfort combined with a fashionable look.

Why not apply this philosophy to other parts of clothing?

Casual Fridays, much like fruity Thursdays, have appeared in many offices in the last few years. For the company, it is a subtle way of keeping up with modern times and a way to appeal to employees. Once a week, people can deviate from the normative, buttoned-up style and show off their originality.

It’s also a great way to sneak a home and family atmosphere into an office space. Such a move has a positive effect on the social and psychological aspects of the team.

Of course, some companies have no strict rules regarding formal dress. The matter becomes even simpler here. A new piece of clothing from the company can be displayed every day.

3. Home Office

The home office has become the standard. The home conditions naturally give you more freedom, especially when it comes to clothing. That is why employees focus primarily on comfort and convenience – they put on sweatpants and their favorite sweatshirt.

So why shouldn’t it be a custom-made company logo set?

Such a gift can be a lovely and caring gesture towards employees who may feel distant from the company’s life while working remotely for months. 

At the same time, it may be an opportunity for additional, organic marketing. For example, people often happily show what their remote work looks like on social media. The company’s tracksuit will only encourage them to share a new photo in their new, fresh look.

You’d think it’s just a tracksuit, but it’s a gift that keeps on giving

Versatility is perhaps the most crucial feature of a tracksuit and the most important reason why it’s such a popular look. Some wear them at home, others put them on for informal meetings with friends, and after that, pack them in a sports backpack and go to training.

Regardless of their purpose, they can be utilized by anyone, which is why they are the perfect corporate gift that will stay with employees for years. It is a great alternative to the typical “chocolate plus wine” set. Decorated with an individual print, such as an office nickname or a position, will make employees wear it with shameless pride!

What’s important, we offer a lot of options for customizing clothes, so the final project can be very original and match the company’s visual identity. And it’s simple!