How to pick hoodie size and how to use the size chart

Have you ever ordered jeans online that turned out to be too small or too big? This is because manufacturers sew their clothes for different target groups. By using size charts, you can avoid ordering the wrong size. This article will show you how to do it correctly when placing an order at BluzUp.

I know what size I am, so why do I need to use a table?

As mentioned above, size L for one manufacturer may be equivalent to M or even S for another. Therefore, always analyze the size chart provided on the store’s website before placing an order.

On such charts, you can find examples of body measurements assigned to a given size. All you need to do is measure yourself and compare it to the table. 

At BluzUp, we’ve improved this process by listing the measurements of the finished garments, not the body. We give you the exact length of the hoodie and its sleeves, so you can easily choose the best size for your preferences and body structure.

How to find the size chart?

You can find the BluzUp size chart here.

Have a look at the example of a size chart for a hoodie:

How to take measurements?

Prepare a tape measure, and if you don’t have one, use:

– string, which you then compare with the ruler

– a ruler phone app

Then, pick your favorite hoodie and compare its measurements with the values ​​in the table. For example, to measure the chest, lay the hoodie flat with the sleeves open. Then put the tape measure between the two armpits where the seams connect (as shown in the picture above) and read the measurement. Don’t turn the sweatshirt over, and don’t double the value.

Measurements may differ slightly from those listed in the table. If that’s the case, choose the size closest to your results. 

On the other hand, if the result is exactly between two sizes, e.g., the length of the hoodie is 71 cm (M – 70 cm, L – 72 cm), then choose according to your liking. If you prefer more fitted clothes – smaller size, if looser – bigger size.

To pick the perfect size of your T-shirt, pants, etc. follow the same instructions. Look at the pictures under the size charts and take measurements accordingly.

What if I want to order an oversized product?

At BluzUp, we have an oversized hoodie available; choose this model if you want a very loose cut.

Bluza oversize BluzUp

However, if you would like to achieve a similar effect in other models, e.g., a crop-top, order the item two sizes bigger.

Check out this article If you wonder which type of sweatshirt you should choose for your project.


Always make sure you check the size chart before ordering any clothes online. This will allow you to see precisely which size would fit you best, no matter what brand it is.

Manufacturers use different tables. Some of them will list body measurements, and others ready clothes measurements. To avoid confusion, remember to read the description of the size chart before measuring. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. We’re always happy to help 🙂