Case study credit Agricole

18 projects in a single order! Case study: Credit Agricole

What if we didn’t do just one project, but gave employees the opportunity to choose? This is an idea that Credit Agricole came up with and turned to us.

Take a look at how we dealt with this challenge 🙂

The Client’s Needs:

One winter morning we received a very interesting inquiry. We immediately arranged a phone call to learn the details.

It turned out that Credit Agricole wants to gift its employees with company sweatshirts and socks – 245 pieces of sweatshirts and 245 pairs of socks. The Client wanted every employee to have the option of customising the pieces of clothing, i.e. choosing a specific model and colour which would best suit their taste. Therefore, over a dozen variants were to be made.

This was something new to us. Usually clients select one logo and here we have as many as 6 of them! Naturally, this only spurred us to take on the challenge and so we got to work right away.


We prepared a quote in one day. Then, as requested by our client, our graphic designers developed as many as 6 different graphics which matched the three selected models of sweatshirts. So there were as many as 18 combinations to choose from, not to mention the colour of the fabric! Before the project was accepted, we sent the client product samples, which they greenlighted and so we could proceed with the entire process.

We made the prints on sweatshirts using one of the most durable decoration methods, i.e. screen printing. We placed the logo on the chest on the left side and we decided that it would be best to make it black on a pink sweatshirt and white on the others. In this project, we used red material for the first time, which will be a permanent feature of our offer.

Meanwhile, we made the socks in two variants. Blue ones with large bank logo prints and black ones with small logo prints. 

It took us a week to prepare the project. Once the visualisations were ready, we set up a platform where the employees could choose a specific variant. The bank handed out special vouchers to their staff with a link leading to our shop so that they could select their favourite sweatshirt.

Świąteczny vouvher | case study z Credit Agricole | BluzUp

As one would expect, collecting such a huge number of orders from so many people wasn’t easy even with the help of a convenient platform. However, thanks to the cooperation between coordinators on the client’s side and our team, we finally managed to register all the orders and move on to the sewing and printing stage.

Despite the large volume and multitude of designs, it took us only one calendar month to produce the sweatshirts and socks.

This time, we also took care of the packing and delivering the presents directly to the employees, which adds up to 245 individual deliveries! It was a bona fide logistics feat 😉

The result

We were very pleased with the results of the production. We like such projects that are minimalist in terms of design. We are also glad that the new colour in our offer looks so good.

The employees and the bank were so happy with the gifts that they decided to order more items! This time they opted for a summer must-have, that is, cinch bags and baseball caps. We are really looking forward to see the holiday pics with our accessories!

Unique hoodies for employees and influencers | BluzUp

Using branded hoodies to boost marketing and HR |

Since the beginning of BluzUp, we have created hundreds of projects for companies, schools, universities, and organizations. Each project was unique in its own way, but some were particularly memorable. It’s usually those that are the most demanding in terms of details, colors, or other specific requirements. But that’s who we are. The more complicated the project, the greater the satisfaction is when we deliver!

A perfect example of such a project was unique hoodies for the online store. See how the story went.

We need a one-of-a-kind hoodie!

Originality was the critical requirement for the team. They required something truly distinct that you cannot simply get in every shopping mall. They were supposed to be used as gifts for employees but also for influencers, hoping that they would wear them on their social media channels. So we had to prepare something much more extravagant, reflecting the company’s visual identity in an interesting and coherent way.

Our designer needs no more encouragement. On the contrary, she treats such projects as a challenge. So we started with getting to know the brandbook and talking to the client about all the specific requirements.

A project so out of the box that it’s barely possible?

Our plans to create a unique hoodie included ideas that were very far from the standard. One of them was, for example, putting the North logo on hoodie strings.

So before we could propose the design to the client, we had to consult with the sewing company to determine whether our vision was technically feasible. Once we’ve confirmed the details regarding the material and technology, we were ready to present the project to the client and provide a quote.

We must admit that thanks to the cooperation with great Polish sewing partners, we feel that nothing is impossible.

How different was the hoodie?

After a few days, we prepared a set of proposals, and the team made their final decision. The final effect looks like this:

Case study north pl bluzy reklamowe

The elements that made this project unique were:

  1. Hoodie string with a knitted company logo.

  2. Logo on the back of the hood.

  3. Custom color composition, which, apart from the main color of the sweatshirt, consisted of the logo on the hood, the inside fabric of the hood, strings, and graphics on the front.

    Due to the project’s uniqueness, the delivery of such an order often exceeds the standard of 30 business days. In this case, however, we were able to deliver the sweatshirts within the set deadline.

All-around support for business

When the sweatshirts came into our hands, we instantly knew they were one of the most exciting and successful projects. Of course, it’s not us who needs to be satisfied 😉

This is how the project was summed up by the CEO of, Paweł Łastkowski:

“First of all, congratulations on an excellent product. Everyone that got the hoodie appreciates its quality. We used the sweatshirts on several levels: i.e., for employees, for business partners, and in cooperation with influencers. The latter brought us a lot of unexpected benefits because even after the end of paid cooperation, they appeared in sweatshirts on their channels, which translated into more traffic on our social networks."

Below you can see selected social media posts with hoodie owners:

We would like to thank Paweł for his kind words, and we are glad that the sweatshirts were helpful in so many ways. We also believe that corporate clothing can drive business on many levels, from customer service and sales to HR and marketing. And of course, we invite you to cooperate again. Maybe socks this time? 😉

If you feel that stylish company hoodies will also help your business, let us know, and we will quickly prepare a project and an estimation.