Custom socks – everything you have to know

Skarpety na zamówiene | BluzUp
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A few years ago, colorful, funny, and mismatched socks appeared on the market. While in the beginning, the younger generation was delighted with this trend, today, even corporate directors or CEOs have smiling cartoon characters sticking out from their shoes.

Every day in open spaces, we hear, “Wow, great socks! Where did you get them?”. So it seems that socks with an unusual print attract attention and give us a lot of joy. Given that, why not use them to promote your brand? Socks with the company’s logo can be a bull’s eye!

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know to create custom socks, including:
– how are custom socks made?
– what can’t be printed on socks?
– how long does it take to process the order?
– what do we need from you to complete the order quickly?
– what is the minimum order quantity?

Let's start from the beginning - how are socks made?

Socks are made in a slightly different way than most clothing. The process is not about sewing the elements together but knitting socks with specialized knitting machines. The more complicated the project, the more modern machines have to be used. 

Patterns on socks are not printed on finished products but are created during production, together with the sock. The design is woven into the sock using appropriately colored yarn.

At BluzUp, we offer custom socks made only by EU companies. Due to that, the process is faster and the quality of the product higher.

Skarpety na zamówienie | BluzUp

What types of socks does BluzUp offer?

Custom socks have two main tasks: being comfortable and displaying the print in the best possible way. Therefore, our clients most often choose the simplest models, such as:
– classic socks
– sports socks

Classic socks, otherwise known as long socks, are the absolute staple. They are probably the first thing that comes to mind when talking about socks in general. It is the universal model that everyone has in their wardrobe. In addition, such socks will present the design really well.

On the other hand, sports socks differ from the classic ones with a warmer material (terry cloth), an elastic band on the calf, and a thicker sole. Despite the name, they are not produced only for athletes or sports clubs 😉 A special weave ensures high durability and comfort, and the elastic band prevents the socks from slipping, even during demanding cycling trips to work;)

Is every design suitable for printing socks?

If you consider purchasing custom-made socks, you probably wonder if you can perfectly reproduce your company’s logo. With today’s technology, we have many more options, but there are small limitations. We design the pattern on a mesh (bitmap), in which each pixel symbolizes one eyelet in the knitted fabric. This compares very aptly to pixels on the screen. Below you can see a bitmap design and the visualization of the finished sock with a logo.

Skarpetki na zamówienie | BluzUp

As you can see, yarns can’t be arranged in any way; they have to follow a specific pattern. When using this method to manufacture custom socks, it will be difficult to replicate:
– tiny letters
– precise details
– straight lines at a non-standard angle (e.g., 60°)

Of course, it is not impossible to make those patterns, but it will affect their legibility and aesthetics (e.g., jaggies). Therefore, if it turns out that your design contains any of the elements listed above, we will simplify it so that it is suitable for socks printing.

Another point worth mentioning is that even the latest knitting machines have limitations on the colors used – in one sock, it is a maximum of 7 colors.

If you are wondering whether it is worth investing in socks with a logo for your employees, be sure to read our article on this topic.

What do we need from you to complete the order quickly?

Most often, customers come to us with an idea of ​​what should be on the socks. We then create a visualization. To do that, we will need your company logo, preferably sent with color codes. 

In case you have your graphics ready, send us the project, together with the color codes used in it. Defined colors will help us reproduce the sock pattern much better.

Later, we will ask you to specify the order quantity and sizes. At BluzUp, you can choose two sizes: small (38-41) and large (42-45). We can also make custom socks for children. It will be a treat for your employees’ kids.

On special request, we offer personalized labels on socks. This cardboard label will allow you to place the company’s colors and logo. 

Skarpety na zamówienie BluzUp

How long does the production of socks take, and how much does it cost?

The first stage of production – visualization, will be prepared within 24 hours. Then, if you accept it, we will clarify the details with you and proceed to the production.

The waiting time for ready-made socks is 30 business days. If you need them for a special occasion, please contact us in advance. It will save you a lot of stress, and we will make sure that they will arrive on time. Bear in mind that the holiday season is the busiest for us. It is unlikely that we will be able to speed up production at that time.

We owe the quality of our socks to good quality materials and small-scale production in EU companies. Therefore, although the socks are custom-made, the price is not excessive – PLN 29 per pair, regardless of the pattern or design chosen by the customer.

Can I order one pair of socks?

Due to the high programming costs of the knitting machine, custom socks are not made in small quantities. To meet our customers’ expectations, BluzUp takes orders for socks with your print starting from 30 pairs!


After reading this article, if you think that custom socks are a great gift idea for your employees, we must agree :). 

Arrange a call with us, and let’s create an epic project together that will bring a smile to your team’s faces 🙂

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