Complete guide to all the different types of our custom sweatshirts and hoodies

Bluzy z nadrukiem

In previous articles, we’ve explained the process of making our sweatshirts, describing the stages of their production and their exceptional quality.

As you can see, there’s no need to worry about the quality of our apparel. What you should really think about is what model exactly will be ideal for you. Our sweatshirts are available in many styles, and all of them can be additionally modified. From the most common hoodies to more extravagant oversizes or crop-tops. In short, there’s a lot to choose from.

We want to make this decision a bit easier for you, which is why we’ve created a guide to our custom hoodie and sweatshirt types that you can find in our store.

Certainly, everyone will find something for themselves!

Which sweatshirt do you choose?

Classic Hoodie

This is our definite bestseller. When we think of a typical hoodie, we usually think about this model with a pocket in the lower front section, known as a kangaroo pocket or muff pocket. The reference to the Australian mammal is quite obvious here. It is a model rooted in the contemporary culture so deep that it fits almost everyone. Perfect for jeans, evening outings with friends, as well as in combo with sweatpants during sports training.

Kangurka z nadrukiem | BluzUp

Classic Crewneck

A flagship and an immortal classic among sweatshirts. A minimalist version, without a pocket, hood, zippers, or strings. Although it may be associated with youth fashion, it’s become a universal choice no matter the wearer’s age. In addition, by choosing more subdued colors, such as black or navy blue, we will give the sweatshirt a more elegant character.

Bluzy reklamowe z logo

Zip-up Hoodie

Simply put, a hoodie with a zipper. Very casual, suitable for summer evenings and winter afternoons. They were designed to be worn in the open air with the option to display your favorite t-shirt. Original embroidery or logo will give it a unique look.

College jacket

Although the name suggests a jacket, this model certainly should be considered a type of sweatshirt. Without a hood and with buttons instead of a zipper, it can easily be part of an everyday wardrobe. It is stylish and comfortable and has a unique college and sports look. It is available in four color variants: burgundy, black, navy blue, and bottle-green.

Bluza bejsbolówka z logo

Oversize hoodie

Oversize is a real giant among sweatshirts. It’s intentionally enlarged, so it should hang loosely on its owner, providing much-needed comfort. It is synonymous with streetwear, and both guys and gals use it with equal enthusiasm.

Bluza oversize BluzUp

Croptop hoodie

It stands out among other styles of sweatshirts with its extravagant, girly style. A characteristic short cut reveals the belly, so it’s an excellent choice for warmer days. The unusual look has been found very useful in many creative, uncommon stylings by women all around the world.

Many styles, one quality

Regardless of the chosen model, there are multiple ways to customize your sweatshirts. For example, you can select computer embroidery, serigraphy, or DTG printing.

All hoodies and sweatshirts are Oeko-Tex certified, which confirms the use of the highest quality materials. It is granted only to products with no harmful substances in them.

The composition of our products is a proven and durable blend of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, and the grammage is 280g / m2. At the same time, we offer a wide range of colors and many options to customize.

Not a sweatshirt, technically

The close relatives of sweatshirts that we have on our offer are longsleeve sweatshirts, polo sweatshirts, knitted sweaters, and vests. Although they don’t exactly belong to the sweatshirt category, we wear them under similar circumstances – when the t-shirt, for whatever reason, is insufficient. So we felt that they deserved their own paragraph in our guide.

The first two models are long-sleeved equivalents of a t-shirt and a regular polo. This slight modification makes the jerseys suitable for more formal occasions but still remains a comfortable option.

A sweater or a vest is an excellent alternative to a suit or shirt because it fits perfectly into an elegant style. They’re even more versatile than regular sweatshirts or hoodies. For example, you can wear a sweater for most of your business meetings and, moments later, comfortably go to lunch in the same outfit.

There are no wrong choices in terms of sweatshirts

The hoodie is an incredibly practical piece of clothing, as evidenced by its global fame. It comes in so many varieties that it will suit the tastes of even the pickiest consumers. That is why it is so well suited as a gift for any occasion. You can read more about how to use branded hoodies in your company here.

And if you’re ready to order, simply contact us!