How to order hoodies with your company logo?

It is a well-known fact that a sense of identification with a company is one of the key factors affecting employee performance. It is every employer’s dream that the people they employ believe in the success of the company and share the values it represents.

Employees’ appreciation of the workplace will certainly translate not only to their productivity, but also their well-being. This bond is certainly worth nurturing, since developing it can be very beneficial for both parties.

What is the impact of hoodies with a company logo?

Everyone is familiar with the typical promotional gadgets which companies use to place their logos. Nobody pays attention to a promotional pen or a logo on a lanyard anymore. These accessories have become so widespread that they are considered standard rather than a distinguishing feature.

So how can company branding be used to attract attention and become a point of pride? High-quality corporate hoodies with custom prints offer such an option.

On the one hand, they are comfortable and stylish garments and, on the other, they represent identification with a company. For an employer, they are a way to integrate staff and instil a sense of belonging, but they can also become a part of the marketing communications of the brand.

Employees who proudly display the logo of the company they work for are its best ambassadors.

Satisfied staff not only improve the opinion of those around them about the company but also boost trust in their company. These are the benefits which definitely make it worth investing in corporate hoodies. But how to do it?

Company hoodies with a logo– where to start?

The very first step in consolidating the bond between the staff and the employer is to find a manufacturer that can best guide a customer through the entire process of purchasing clothing and ultimately deliver the highest quality products.

There are many ways to get in touch with our company: via Facebook, by writing an e-mail to: or by calling one of the phone numbers provided on the website

Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form below, in which you can include the product you’re interested in, and a member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Each customer is assigned a personal consultant in charge of providing comprehensive service during the entire process of purchasing clothing.

Which promotional hoodies/sweatshirts to choose?

There is a wide range of clothing and accessories on which you can put your logo. The most popular products are sweatshirts, which are available in four models: a classic sweatshirt, a baseball jacket, a hoodie, and a zip up hoodie.

Each model can add a different touch to your corporate attire. Hoodies are often associated with young people, and they can make mature staff look younger. Zip up hoodie, on the other hand, give you plenty of options to play around with your styling. Depending on the mood, you can combine company hoodies with colourful, joyful t-shirts or quite the opposite – with minimalist, elegant shirts.

Not only can our clothing help create a more casual vibe in a workplace, but it can also integrate staff without affecting their professionalism and elegance. The soft material ensures that work becomes more enjoyable and comfortable.

Not only sweatshirts

Whether you prefer slipover sweatshirts, zip up hoodie or regular hoodies, company sweatshirts are ideal for your daily tasks, while providing comfort and convenience.

In addition to sweatshirts, also printed t-shirts, cotton bags, caps, scarves, and socks can become great promotional clothing. In addition to standard sizes, our offer also includes original sweatshirts and oversize sweatshirts, reminiscent of the 1990s. The wide choice satisfies the needs of even the most demanding customers and gives you the option to choose the promotional clothing to best represent your company.

However, if our offer is not exactly what you are looking for – write to us! We are open to new ideas and will also try to meet your unique expectations.

Wide range of colours

All items of clothing in our offer are available in a variety of colours, so that there is something for everyone. There are as many as 13 different colours to choose from in the standard offer!

However, if you want the colour of the material to match your brand identity, we can prepare a customised colour version. All promotional products can have a printed logo. Detailed information about each type of clothing is also included in the product range you receive after contacting BluzUp. Our staff will be happy to assist you in choosing the right models and to provide detailed information on pricing.

At BluzUp, we have unique approach to each company, so a quote is prepared individually for each customer. The order price may vary depending on the type of logo, the selected models, and the quantity.

Printed hoodies– do you need to have your logo ready?

To make promotional hoodies effective, it will be necessary to choose a graphic design to be placed on the corporate clothing. Some businesses probably already have a logo ready to be placed on their clothing and in such a case all they need to do is send it to us.

However, it is possible to create a logo from scratch and have our design studio prepare 3 professional print designs. However, we are aware that the choice of graphic design is a key aspect of purchasing printed or embroidered sweatshirts, so it is possible to modify these designs until the customer is fully satisfied.

When creating a design, it is also important to consider the printing method. A logo can be embroidered or screen-printed. Both types of prints ensure durability and high quality. Embroidery works well for lettering and emblems, while any coloured lettering, pictures or stamps are best done using screen printing.

See what your company hoodie will look like!

We want the purchase of hoodies to be as transparent as possible, so after determining the print design, we will send you visualisations of the hoodie design, so that you can review the proposed garment design on an ongoing basis.

The quality and careful execution of the hoodies is very important for the future representation of the company’s image; therefore, we give you the opportunity to see and touch them. On request, we will send you sample hoodies and t-shirts so that you can see how the embroidery or screen-printing looks like, as well as check the quality of the fabric, the colours, and the sizes.

This gives our customers the option to decide whether they prefer a classic slipover or zip up hoodie, a hoodie or a hoodless sweatshirt. Also, whether the costumers prefer the hoodie with embroidery or print. Being able to see what the product looks like before purchasing it definitely makes it easier to choose colours and makes the branding decision easier.

The sweatshirt design has been approved. What’s next?

Once you have approved the visualisations of the hoodies with your logo and the logo design, we can move on to placing the main order. Therefore, we create an online Excel spreadsheet in which we include all the information agreed with the customer, such as the models, the price, the number of colours and the printing method, but also any extra requests the customer may have.

At this stage, the person ordering hoodies for the company only needs to fill in the desired quantity of each product and the price is calculated automatically. If everything is fine, the spreadsheet is closed, and all the customer has to do is wait for delivery. Meanwhile, the order is summarised and forwarded to the sewing room. 

It is interesting to note that our promotional sweatshirts are made entirely in EU using high-quality fabrics. From now on, we have 30 working days to sew, print, pack, and send the sweatshirts to companies.

Let’s keep in touch!

We hope that once you have received the products, you feel nothing but satisfaction and joy, so please share your impressions with us. In case your printed sweatshirts are more popular than you have anticipated, we would be happy to provide you with larger quantities.

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share your opinion about our products – it might be useful for other companies who are still wondering whether printed sweatshirts can really improve the atmosphere in the workplace.