Design your own custom hoodie in 5 quick steps

Custom sweatshirts for employees are a great gift. They’re universal, practical, and stylish. And although creating custom apparel for the entire company may seem like a time-consuming task, we make it super straightforward for our clients. We know that the slogan “time is money” matters greatly to companies, so you can design a sweatshirt or a hoodie with us in a few simple steps – we take care of the rest!

STEP 1 - Design

The primary issue with which we start all projects is the hoodie’s design. In order to simplify this part as well, we have a swift process.

The first option is the standard layout, i.e., a large logo on the back and a small one on the chest. It is the cheapest and most frequently chosen version among our clients.

For those who want something out-of-the-box, we offer complete creative freedom, both in the case of the graphics themselves and their location. We are open to any ideas, and our graphic designers will help to realize them and advise you in order to get the best end result.

STEP 2 - Details

During the consultation stage, in addition to the project, we also set the details of the implementation, such as:

Color – Our standard palette includes 13 colors, as shown in the infographic below. For an additional fee, we can offer access to a custom palette that consists of 54 colors. We know that details play a huge role in some projects, so we can send color samples for a more detailed inspection.

Type of sweatshirt – a classic hoodie or a college jacket? Or maybe oversize for men or a fashionable crop-top for women? We have several versions in which we can make your sweatshirt to match the final product to your preference better.

Printing – here, you can decide between classic screen printing or slightly more expensive embroidery. In both cases, we guarantee high durability and quality, so the choice is rather a matter of taste.

Extra personalization – as part of stylistic maneuvers, we can additionally modify several things, such as the color of the inside of the hood, sleeves, strings, and even the zipper. In addition, we can add a print on the strings or logos on the label – a useful option for agencies or sponsors. Incorporating the person’s nickname or a position in the company on the sweatshirt is also not a problem.

Remember that any non-standard changes and improvements may slightly extend the total time and cost of your project.

STEP 3 - Initial estimation and visualization

After you choose the sweatshirt model, the type of printing, and quantities, we’ll prepare an estimate for you in 24 h.

At the same time, we will present you a virtual sweatshirt model. We often hit the jackpot the first time, but we are always ready for possible corrections and further modifications.

It should be emphasized here that our visualizations are entirely free, even in several color versions or in various logo placements.

STEP 4 - Order

After you confirm the sweatshirt design, estimation, we can start working on your order.

For total happiness, we only need the sizes of the future owners of the sweatshirts.

We know from experience that collecting a complete size list from all employees can be very time-consuming. That’s why it is worth thinking about it well in advance. Especially in large companies, where obtaining this data in one day is almost a miracle, or during holidays, when many people are out of the office.

We will help you deal with this task and send you ready-made forms for completing the order. This solution is especially effective if the sweatshirts are not unexpected gifts – each employee selects their size individually.

STEP 5 - Realization

The standard waiting time for the order is 30 business days from the moment of signing the offer (not from the moment of accepting the graphic design!). Of course, there is a possibility of accelerated implementation, but it depends on several factors, so we always discuss it individually.

At BluzUp, we pay attention to details, so we will pack ready-made sweatshirts according to your requirements. We are also very flexible in terms of deliveries. We ship to the company address – in a collective package or individually – to the private addresses of employees.

STEP 6 - Celebration

At this stage, your team enjoys a creative and pragmatic gift. This is a perfect example of how to combine business with pleasure – employees receive a top-quality hoodie that will be useful for autumn evenings, and your company gains additional advertising and increased morale among staff. It’s so simple!

But, you don’t need to take our word for it – check the case study from our recent project.