How can your business benefit from company-branded t-shirts? 

Koszulki z logo firmy

Corporate clothes, such as custom logo t-shirts, are a universal tool supporting business development. They can work to the company’s benefit on many occasions, regardless of your industry, company size, or location.

This article will show you the most popular ways and the most common situations in which corporate apparel increases employee loyalty and supports the company’s marketing and sales.

Onboard employees

Your company is your employees. You may have the best product or service on the market, but it won’t mean anything without a dedicated team.

The first actual contact of a new employee with the company is the onboarding period. Depending on the onboarding process, they will have a better or worse opinion of the company, and thus: more or less motivation to work.

Conscious employers ensure a professional, but at the same time, friendly and soft start for each specialist.

A widespread practice of HR teams is welcome packs with gifts for the newcomers. From our clients’ experience, branded t-shirts are among the best-welcomed gifts received by new employees. Especially if they are of high quality, with a stylish and solid logo print.

Don't let the specialists go

Notably, employees’ onboarding is the first but not the only opportunity to give them a gift that can bring them closer to the company. For example, a gift for a birthday, project completion, or employment anniversary will motivate them to continue their work and strengthen the bond with your company.

Quality gifts signal to the crew that you appreciate them and their work. After all, who do we give presents to, if not to people we appreciate and care for?

That’s why it’s worth investing, for example, in company logo t-shirts and handing them to employees on various occasions. These small gestures distinguish companies that employees love from those they just work for.

Build a positive image of the company

Employer branding is what the company does to build the image of a trustworthy employer. For many industries, an increasingly frequent problem isn’t obtaining a new customer but pulling in the right employee. Therefore, employer branding has become a part of business reality for good. HR departments do everything to make their company be perceived as the best employer on the market to attract the best talents.

One of the companies’ tools to build a good reputation is corporate clothing. If you reward your employees for their excellent job, they will feel appreciated. An appreciated employee is a satisfied employee. Only such employees will be willing to share a positive opinion about the company.

T-shirts with the company’s logo will distinguish your business from the competition. So it’s worth taking care of this, especially when the employee is the company’s most valuable asset, and retaining and acquiring the best talents is the biggest business challenge.

Support sales and marketing

Corporate logo t-shirts are also an excellent business tool outside your company’s ecosystem. So let’s take a closer look at three groups that will gladly accept the t-shirt as a gift and, perhaps, will repay you in some form in the future.

The first group is your former, current, and potential clients. Your company logo t-shirts as a gift might be an excellent investment for all of them. In what situations?

You can give your potential client a t-shirt at an industry conference so that you stand out from other companies at the event. Your current customer will undoubtedly be pleased with the gift for Christmas or a birthday. You can remind your former client about your presence by sending them a branded T-shirt too.

After such a gift, when a potential, current, or former client will be deciding with whom to establish or continue cooperation, they will probably think a little warmer about your company. 🙂

The second group is the company’s guests. Suppose your company has an office which many people, not only employees, visit every day. In that case, small gifts will help you build valuable relationships.

Be it your employees’ friends, people conducting workshops and training, or a lady cleaning the office. All of them can become ambassadors of your company and better perform their duties if you host them properly.

The last group is influencers. For example, suppose you give a recognized person in the industry a short-sleeved t-shirt with your company logo. In that case, there is a chance that they will wear it for the photo or a video they will publish on social media.

Depending on the influencer’s social media reach, such a post can cost several hundred to several thousand euros. Sometimes you have to pay for it. And sometimes a goodwill gesture from the company will be enough for the only fee to be the cost of producing a t-shirt.

T-shirts aren't everything

Finally, we want to note that corporate clothing isn’t advertising clothing. Therefore, you shouldn’t treat it as a form of advertising that will bring any business outcomes with no prior or further efforts.

All of the above benefits, such as the loyalty of your employees,

the image of a friendly employer, or support for marketing and sales, are the side effects of the company’s overall efforts to build a pleasant atmosphere inside and outside the company.

If your employees don’t feel comfortable at work, then a gift in the form of a branded t-shirt won’t change anything. But if you build your enterprise on a solid foundation, say, you listen to your employees and care for developing their skills, then corporate clothes will make a significant difference and help you achieve your business goals.

Mark our words!