Corporate hoodies as an element of Employer Branding

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Nowadays, a regular salary every month is not enough to retain an employee. Job satisfaction and a sense of identification with a company are also very important. But how do you inspire these feelings in the people you employ? One way to achieve this is to use gadgets with logos, such as high-quality company hoodies.

What is Employer Branding?

The days when employees were satisfied with the mere fact of having a permanent job are long gone. Professionals in particular often have a wide range of job offers to choose from. As a result of demographic changes, unemployment is constantly decreasing, and potential employers need to find new ways to attract qualified personnel.

Employer Branding includes all activities aimed at building the image of an attractive, desirable workplace. It is worth emphasising that they can be conducted both internally (for current team members) and externally (for candidates for various positions).

Contrary to appearances, identification with a company does not depend mainly on the salary. Experts often stress that stable employment, the opportunity to develop and raise qualifications, the management strategy, and positive atmosphere in the office are much more important factors affecting job satisfaction.

Employers are increasingly aware of these facts and, as a result, they provide their employees with non-monetary benefits, for example, by organising team-building events and trips, providing gym memberships, private health insurance, courses and trainings, making nursery schools available for employees and giving them small gifts, such as gadgets with a company logo.

A happy employee is a productive employee

A study conducted at the University of Warwick found that a happy employee is up to 12% more productive. There is a simple explanation for this result: thanks to a sense of satisfaction, we are less likely to get ill, we are more creative and energetic, we make better decisions, and we learn more effectively.

Also, colloquially speaking, we are simply more “into the job”.
In addition, we definitely make more effort if our job is more than just a source of income.

Each of us has a natural need to be part of a community. If we have a positive emotional attitude towards our workplace and identify with its values, we are unlikely to move to a competitor. What’s more, we represent our company well to the outside world and attract more people who may want to join our team.

Advantages of wearing corporate hoodies

According to the results of the survey “Santa at work… gifts for employees 2019” conducted by HBRP/ICAN Institute and Edenred, as many as 51% of the respondents believe that corporate gifts increase job satisfaction. According to 57% of the respondents, such gifts have a positive effect on the sense of loyalty towards an employer and reduce the desire to change the place of work.

Gadgets with a logo can be a very effective method of motivating the employees, provided they meet several conditions.

First of all, they must be practical objects, useful in everyday life. A perfect solution are both the popular pens or mugs and corporate hoodies, which can be used as official uniforms in the workplace, as well as comfortable clothes worn “after hours”.

Secondly: the gifts must be of high quality. This will make them more likely to be used and will also send a positive message about the business itself. Giving employees comfortable hoodies made of good fabric will indicate that the company does not want to economise on their comfort.

It is also worth noting that an employee wearing a corporate hoodies becomes an ambassador of the company to the outside world. All this makes investing in this type of gadget one of the most profitable decisions from the employer’s point of view, far exceeding in this respect, e.g. one-off bonuses that affect motivation only for a very short time.

BluzUp – the best choice

Each of us has at least one hoodies in our wardrobe. And it’s not surprising – it symbolises the perfect combination of comfort and style.

BluzUp clothes are made from thick, soft fabric, stitched with double seams. Each piece is sewn with surgical precision and great attention to detail. This way, you can be sure that it will not lose its cut and colour after a few washes and will serve its owner for a really long time.

It is also worth emphasising that our products are made in Poland, adhering to all standards of the domestic market. Depending on the customer’s preferences, the logo can be applied to the material in the form of print or computer embroidery.

Each of these methods ensures excellent durability, making the logo virtually “indestructible”. This quality ensures that the ordered hoodies meet the employee’s expectations, while helping to achieve the employer’s goals.
If you want to introduce hoodies for your team, get in touch with us and let’s talk about what we can do for your business.