Why buy clothing with a company logo for your staff?

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Branded clothing is an interesting way to promote your business because it gives great results with a low budget. But that’s not all! Find out how your company, your staff and your customers benefit from such an investment.

What you will learn:

    • -how does a company benefit from investing in promotional clothing?
    • – how do employees benefit from corporate clothing?
    • -what effect does buying clothing with a company logo have on customers?

Clothing with a company logo – how does a company benefit from it?

Corporate clothing, i.e. any item of clothing that features a company logo has several functions. One is to promote the company. However, there are many other reasons why such branded clothing is worth buying.

Why buy it?

  • – uniform staff outfits demonstrate a professional approach to business development.
  • -staff dressed in a neat and corporate fashion inspire trust among the customers.
  • -frequent contact of a company employee wearing branded clothing with customers consolidates the brand identity in their minds.
  • -printed sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jackets are a cost-effective investment as it usually brings great marketing results.
  • -clothing with a company logo is a subtle branding method that cleverly instils marketing taglines directly in the customer’s home.

How do staff benefit from this?

It seems that a company benefits the most from corporate clothing. However, this is not quite the case. The staff benefit just as much.

Here are some reasons why you should buy clothing with a company logo for your staff:

  • -some employers are legally obliged to provide their employees with workwear (to protect their health and lives).
  • -corporate clothing ensures that workers do not damage their private clothing while on the job, which helps build positive relationships among them.
  • -personalised clothing allows employees to be easily identified, making it easier to work both in and out of a company (i.e. in contact with customers).

Why is it worth buying corporate clothing with a logo?

Since the company and its staff benefit, do customers also? It turns out that they do.
Clothing with a company logo is a great free gift for regular customers. Customer contact with a representative wearing a neat corporate outfit improves the quality of customer service.

An employee wearing corporate clothing increases the credibility of the company and facilitates the first contact of customers with the brand.

A bonus in the form of a printed sweatshirt added to a service or a product is an effective way to build customer loyalty as customers feel “obliged” towards the company which gave them something for free.


Branded clothing for staff is a very cost-effective investment. And this applies not only to the company itself, but also to its staff and customers. This way, each group benefits, and the return on investment is very fast. Don’t wait and order corporate BluzUp sweatshirts now!