Sweatshirts with a company logo – are they a good idea for promotion?

Advertising makes trade go round, right? But how to understand it? Is it limited to flyers, banners, and Facebook? Of course not! Marketing is all about building brand awareness among customers and printed company sweatshirts can do the trick. But will it really work?

What you will learn:

  1. Printed sweatshirts – what are they?
  2. 7 benefits of wearing clothes with a company logo
  3. What corporate clothing is worth buying?

Promotional clothing, i.e. clothing that includes elements of the company’s identity, is an intriguing marketing practice. It seems that a small logo on a t-shirt is not enough to influence a shopping decision.

Nothing further from the truth!

After all, the aim of such garments, e.g. promotional printed sweatshirts, is not to sell but to build brand awareness among customers.

What do we mean by promotional clothing?

  1. Simply put, corporate clothing with a logo means all items of clothing that are associated with the visual identity of the company.

This could be:

  1. Clothing with a company logo for warehouse workers.
  2. Outfit in the colour of the company logo, e.g. outfit of a courier delivering a parcel from a company.
  3. Free gift for regular customers, e.g. company t-shirt.


According to statistics:
It only takes 8 contacts between a potential customer and a brand for a customer to make a buying decision. Promotional clothing as a gift for regular customers is used for up to 14 months.

Numbers don’t lie! Clothing with a company logo is a great idea for building and developing brand awareness among customers.

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Clothing with a company logo – what is it?

A promotional gadget can be virtually anything. Pencils, notepads, calendars or t-shirts are among the most common object. But that’s not all you can use to place your logo.

Printed promotional clothing include: T-shirts, Winter hats, Caps, Sweatshirts, Fleece, Jackets, Vests, Bandanas, Socks, Scarves

Clearly, there are many options, but is it even worth the trouble?

7 benefits of wearing clothing with a company logo

Buying a printed sweatshirt is a good marketing idea because it is effective on many levels.

  1. Powerful appeal to customers by creating positive associations.
  2. Creates a strong and positive image of the company or expert.
  3. Works subliminally, ultimately generating new customers.
  4. Maintaining brand awareness among regular customers.
  5. Reinforcing the company’s visual identity on the market.
  6. Developing customer relationships.
  7. A cheap way to advertise.

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What corporate clothing is worth buying?

Investment in promotional clothing is a good solution, provided that the clothes are of good quality. It is therefore worth considering the following factors before making a purchase and checking whether:

  1. the clothing is made of good quality materials and fabrics.
  2. the outfit is resistant to fading and maintains colours for a long time
    the clothes iare warm.
  3. the logo is well made.
  4. the logo is clearly visible and has the right size.
  5. the clothing is functional, i.e. can it be used outdoors on cold days?


After reading this text, you know that corporate clothing with a company logo is a very effective way of marketing. You also know which clothing to buy, what to look for and how to cut costs of the whole investment. Now, it’s time to act!